Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why do ants think they can crawl on me without getting eaten. DUMMY ants! However, i don't mind the ants in my pants - they keep the crabs company.
I feel very lucky to be working at the kid friendly haunted house this year. When i grab the kids i can't get in trouble, cuz hey "i'm a monster."

Friday, November 28, 2008

legalize cannibalism!

I love meat!
eating meat!
rubbing it on my body!
Why can't we start eating the most vicious animal of them all, PEOPLE.
I'm tiring of eating the same old cow, pig, or donkey -
why do we have too limit what meat to eat, its speciesism.
I mean there's a lot of people in jail to eat.
There's babies everywhere for no reason or by accident to consume.
For you moral meat eaters, lets do comatose patients,
they should be edible too!
They don't feel pain and aren't conscious.
Hey, Zombies are already doing it!
I'd prefer fresh baby flesh,
but back of the arm fat on adults is just fine!, perhaps with a side of nipple.
Do Mexicans taste spicy or do black people taste like chicken?
After dinner, you can wash it down with a nice goblet of can pick your teethe with the consumed humans nails and floss with there hair!
Where can i get my license to raise humans for slaughter?
I can't wait for the day that i go to BurgerKing and order the people burger with the side of man sauce.
Don't donate your body to science to be hacked up into pieces, i'll eat you!

so, do you prefer white meat or dark meat?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Golden Shower!!

Tinkle me this, puddle me that...
Have you ever woken up from your drunken slumber
only to realize that your laying in your own bath of urine?
oh my, i sure have!
Have you ever gone out with your girl/boyfriend or midget and relieved yourself on them, the bar, someones bed, or your pets?
Have you ever wee wee'd out of your phallus member
filled a cup
added vodka
and drank it cuz "why not, it's free...and i LOVE lemonade in the summer?"

What i really want to understand is this....
is this guy really peeing on her
or did he fill up the can with his urinate?

inquiring minds would like to know...well, maybe just mine!